Homem de Lata Filmes (Tin Man Films in Portuguese) was created in 2012 having in mind that there was room for a different proposal of production company, multi-format. A network of professionals in the market production was formed, and Homem de Lata Filmes is prepared to develop and produce the most different kinds of projects.

Alê Braga

Alê Braga has worked with ideas and emotion since he was 16 y.o. Completely loves  CREATIVITY , he is a DIRECTOR - WRITER, and for many years has worked in advertising, more than a decade of those at McCann-Erickson, where he headed the Rio office, and developed campaigns for very important clients, such as GENERAL MOTORS, among others. In recent years he decided to turn his career to what he really loves to do most:
he directed CORPORATE VIDEOS, broadcasted on several TV channels, like TV BRASIL, and for various clients. His movies Bossa Nova in Japan and Mama Africa were selected for international festivals, including

Brought to Brazil the format “Hello Goodbye", APCA Award winner for Best TV Show in Brazil in 2011. Directed the "Immortal Fans" campaign, winner of more than 30 international awards, including Grand Prix Cannes Lions Promo - 2013. In recent years he filmed all over Brazil and in 30 countries, including NETHERLANDS. But he is crazy about living in Rio.


Deko Schmidt

Deko Schmidt begun working in production in Porto Alegre in 1989, and then he worked in Rio for several production companies: CINEVIDEO.

From the production experience on set, he brought to the Executive Production and Account Services the expertise in efficient producing processes. This was the base for gaining market recognition, to the point he was awarded the Producer of the Year of the Brazilian Advertising Association in 2002.

He won Production Company of the Year at Prêmio Colunistas four times. Along with many years specializing in advertising, he also worked with BRANDED CONTENT for clients like BANCO DO BRASIL, among many others. He is a "gaucho", surfer, and father of a boy who will probably be taller than him when he reaches 6 years of age.

Homem de Lata Filmes (Tin Man Films in Portuguese) is a production company that starts with ideas created by our team or by clients, identifies how can turn these ideas into visual products that delight the audience. Thus, in accordance to the need, we can produce            MOVIES           , among others. Experienced in all these areas, the Homem de Lata professionals bring together the right team for each project. We work with TV CHANNELS.
We      CREATE      projects, programs and films. And we offer PRODUCTION SERVICES for shootings in Brazil.


If you want to talk to us, please contact us through the options below:


Homem de Lata Filmes
Tel: 21 97123-3337


If you want to be part of our team, send an email to: equipe@delata.tv.br